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We can say food culture is one of the beauties of traditional culture and reflect the characteristics of each region. And buffet seems to have become a habit is no stranger to food culture today.

The first impression when anyone enters L’ambiance that is a beautiful and elegant space to each centimeter. With lovely bricks at the entrance associated with ancient tile visibly tilted hat, the customers are entering the luxury space, cozy on the inside of the restaurant L’ambiance. With an area of 750m2 divided into three floors, 2nd Floor 100 guests can meet / plays, 3rd Floor Private VIP rooms, L’ambiance will satisfy every need of the guests to enjoy either the greatest comfort. You will be conquered first sight when entering space 1st floor of the restaurant. All the worries, the chaos of daily life, such as doorstep stop place to make room for feeling relaxed, comfortable.

True to its name, under the skillful hands of artisans of traditional and creative thinking of the master architect, L’ambiance cleverly designed that sophisticated yet rustic and bold nature the soul of the Vietnamese countryside. Each of vignetting, picky on wooden chairs, the yellow pillars and mellow harmony of light … all create a separate space for L’ambiance Unlike bungalow, close to the Floor 1, L’ambiance 2nd floor restaurant with a capacity for 180 guests will give customers the feeling polite, luxury with elegant furniture style Louis XVIII and lovely piano and small stage area was fully equipped sound and light, very suitable for small and cozy wedding, party meeting, birthday, or festival parties, New year .. for companies, banks.

Coming to L’ambiance, many customers have feelings that I have experienced many different emotions. Like from the “first look” is all about space and cozy intimacy, then the likes of the “first test” refers to the rich cuisine in the restaurant’s buffet menu. With more than 90 dishes, but no more than the restaurants along the system or the five-star hotel luxury class, but L’ambiance special attention to the quality of food processing.

Therefore, though has gone through many ups and downs in the world of culinary competition under the new restaurant born, but L’ambiance customers are always loved and considered one of the addresses on dining which maintains good form with their quality.

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Pierre Gabant

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Coming to L’ambiance, many customers have feelings that I have experienced many different emotions along the varied dishes every category meets most requirements of customers.

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Today’s menu

• Gọi món •
Crab soup

Crab soup with many eye-catching colors of crab and beans, vegetables come, especially EAI soup rich in nutrients and calcium are good for nude

$ 18.0
Shrimp salad with lotus

Closely with crispy lotus pork served with fresh, crispy pig ears and little shrimp, all blended together with sweet and sour salad countries bring appetite for enjoyment

$ 20.0
Chả giò hải sản

Không sử dụng nhiều dầu mỡ nhưng chúng ta đã có một món chả giò giòn rụm và thơm lừng.

$ 30.0
• Buffet •
Roasted chicken

Grilled chicken with yellow outer layer cumbersome nice and crispy when eating chicken skin, meat retains its sweetness and aromatic odor

$ 40.0
Mixed fried beef

Beef is popular meat, with many nutrients, especially iron.

$ 35.0
Thai hot pot Tart

Thai hot pot tart is one of the delicious hot pot bring a special flavor of the seafood hot pot in general but not mixed with other hot pot.

$ 50.0
• Set menu •

With extremely smooth crust, creamy foam with the bar’s cool, sweet extremely attractive

$ 5.0

With ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts

$ 15.0
Corn milk

With corn, milk, ice cold.

$ 5.0
Restaurants notice

Today the restaurant serves wine Veal and style standard RUU.

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